Vegetables & Fruits

. . . Aways Organic!

Daisy Hill Farms has a small area of vegetable gardens.

What began as an endeavor to grow solely for the home kitchen has slowly developed into a small business supplying local markets in the Carmel Valley Village. Certified organic in 2017 by the CCOF, Dasiy Hill Farms vegetables provide quality for the body as well as for the land.

With a small greenhouse on site most of our vegetables are grown from certified seed for transplant to the outdoor farm.

California Certified Organic Farmers sign

Ready for Delivery

A Berry Fence

Peppers + Eggplants Harvest

Blooming Snap Peas

May Strawberries + Lettuce

Tomato Vine Volunteers

Grapevine Entry

Newly Tilled Soil for Veggies

Potted Citrus + Purple Basil

Green House

Organic Garden | No Spraying

Artichoke Flower

St Francis | Late Afternoon

Tomato Starts | Up Close

Veggie Starts