Organic Habitat

in Honor of All Living Creatures . . .

Certified organic in 2017, Daisy Hill Farms implements all levels of organics to be in balance with the land and the creatures that live upon it. OMRI certified materials and a lot of manual labor and awareness create a fully integrated system.

Many animals call Daisy Hill Farms their home.  From the rabbits to the red tail hawks and the mountain lions to the moles … We try to find a balance here that works well for all of us. Three owl boxes may be found on the property. And a hired falconer hunts with her Red Tail Hawk to the dismay of the resident Red Tails.

Barn Owls Perched in the Portico

The Falcon + the Huntress

Owl Box in Gnarled Oak

Coyote in the Distance

Great Horned Owl

Scrub Jay Lookout

Sky Lupine in the Distance